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Ebru Unal, MD

Cosmetic Gynecologist

Dr. Unal provides services to patients at international standards in her private clinic in Istanbul. In addition to her gynecology and obstetrics specialization, she holds postgraduate  provides a modern treatment services by following up-to-date treatment methods in all subjects related to women's health, especially labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, hymenoplasty, vaginismus treatment, with her graduate education in clinical dermatology and medical aesthetics.

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Dr. Ünal offers modern cosmetic gynecology solutions to his patients with over 15 years of experience. He carries out his operations in his private clinic equipped with the latest technology devices.



Certain anatomical structures must be preserved while performing aesthetic functional labiaplasty. Thus, the woman's pleasure from sexual intercourse increases. 35% of women who had an aesthetic and functional labiaplasty procedure stated that they had an orgasm after the procedure even though they had never had an orgasm before. 

Aptos İpler ile Vajinal Daraltma

Aptos Vaginal Tightening

We use various devices to increase the sensations you feel during sexual intercourse. In this process, one of the most frequently applied and favorite procedures is Aptos Vaginal Tightening Threads. You will have more tension and feel after Aptos Threads.



Vaginal Narrowing Surgery, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Vaginal Rejuvenation with Prp, Rextocele and Cystocele Operations, Perineoplasty, Fat Transfer to the Vagina are performed within the scope of vaginoplasty operations. 

Orgazm Aşısı


70% of women say that they cannot have a vaginal orgasm. The number of women who want to have a vaginal orgasm and get more pleasure from sex is increasing. In order for a vaginal orgasm to occur, the penis must press on some points in the vagina and make full contact, and this area must be sensitive to the stimulus of the penis.

Femilift Lazer

FemiLift Lazer

We offer many treatment services such as vaginal tightening with FemiLift laser, vulvar whitening, correction of vulvar sagging, urinary incontinence treatment, vaginal dryness treatment and labiaplasty. 

Devamı İçin Tıkla


We can find solutions to all your problems related to women's health in our clinic. At the same time, we can refer you to the best doctors in the field for simultaneous operations (such as liposuction + labiaplasty). You can reach us for all the solutions you need for women's health and aesthetic surgery.

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