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FemiLift Lazer

We offer many treatment services with Femilift laser, such as vaginal tightening, vulvar whitening, correction of vulvar sagging, urinary incontinence treatment, vaginal dryness treatment and labiaplasty.


Vaginal Tightening with FemiLift Laser

Pregnancy can lead to enlargement of the vagina, even if it’s operated with a C-section. Vaginal relaxation and enlargement may occur even in women who have never given birth. It is possible to get rid of all these complaints with FemiLift laser.


The sound of air during sex, not being able to enjoy the intercourse, urinary incontinence, not being able to feel the penis sufficiently during intercourse are the symptoms of vaginal enlargement. We offer a perfect solution to problems such as vaginal enlargement after childbirth, experiencing pain during intercourse, or the woman's inability to enjoy the sex, or her partner’s complains.


FemiLift Robotic Head Vaginal Laser is the state of the art in vaginal laser technology. The application of FemiLift laser is painless. With FemiLift laser, a significant vaginal narrowing can be seen in just 3 sessions. In addition, it increases the blood supply in the vaginal tissue, renews the nerve cells, and provides pleasure from intercourse.


We offer an effective solution with FemiLift vaginal laser to women who do not have a child but who have problems with pleasure due to vaginal width.


Vaginal tightening with FemiLift laser takes about 15 minutes. You will not have any pain during and after laser vaginal tightening and you can continue to your daily life immediately. You can start having sex 5 days after the vaginal laser procedure. Even after the first session with FemiLift laser, the woman and her partner will notice a serious difference. FemiLift vaginal laser is applied once a month. All women having a FemiLift laser report that they have an easier orgasm after the application.



Vulvar Whitening with FemiLift Laser


It is normal for the genital area to be slightly darker than the skin on the other part of the body. A serious amount of darkening may occur over time due to applications such as wax, laser and hot wax applied to the genital area. Scratching the genital area can also cause darkening. Some soaps and unsuitable creams used in the cleaning of this area may also cause an allergic reaction on the skin, causing discoloration.


We plan the genital area skin whitening process with FemiLift as 2 sessions in our clinic, but if necessary, more sessions can be reserved. Before the procedure, local anesthetic cream is applied to the skin of the genital area. The purpose of the process is to ensure that the old skin gradually comes from the bottom of the new and light-colored skin after the laser application. You can continue to your daily life right after the procedure. For genital whitening application, FemiLift laser is much more effective than other lasers.



Correcting Vulvar Sagging with FemiLift Laser


With Femitight, specially developed head for FemiLift laser, sagging or wrinkles in the vulvar skin are corrected in 3 sessions and tightening is achieved.



Urinary Incontinence Treatment with FemiLift Laser


We offer effective treatment with FemiLift laser for problems such as urinary incontinence while coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising. Laser application takes 15 minutes. With the effect of the laser, tissue loss that causes sagging and urinary incontinence is corrected, and urinary incontinence is eliminated by tightening. With the cellular regeneration in the bladder and urethra, the burning goes away and the complaints of inability to reach urine and getting up to urinate frequently at night are improved. After the FemiLift laser application for the treatment of urinary incontinence, it is possible to return to the daily routine immediately. You can have sexual intercourse 5 days after the application.



Vaginal Dryness Treatment with FemiLift Laser


Postmenopausal syndrome is the feeling of dryness and stinging in the genital area and vagina after menopause. In menopausal syndrome, the vaginal mucosa becomes thinner and more sensitive. Ruga structure in the vagina is lost. With FemiLift laser application, vaginal dryness disappears, pain during intercourse improves, and vaginal tissue thickens again. It is recommended to repeat the treatment once a year.


Women undergoing breast cancer treatment are given drugs to reduce the estrogen in their bodies. This causes dryness and atrophy in the genital area in women. Due to the dryness in the genital area, serious pain occurs during intercourse. FemiLift laser offers a very effective solution for women who have recovered from breast cancer and are experiencing dryness and pain. FemiLift laser, which does not have any side effects in breast cancer, passes dryness seriously. Dryness treatment is completed in 3 sessions and it is recommended to continue once a year.



Labiaplasty with FemiLift Laser

We perform labiaplasty in our clinic under local anesthesia for complaints like an ugly appearance when wearing a swimsuit or bikini, pain due to the inner lips penetrating inward, chronic itching and discharge, or low self-confidence due to size.

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