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Gynefix Spiral

The Gynefix spiral is a hormone-free spiral with a knot at the end, 4 (mini size) or 6 (max size) copper beads on a special thread. With the Gynefix spiral, the knot it contains is fixed to the uterine wall,  is placed.

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Gynefix is a new generation birth control method. It is designed by a Belgian gynecologist, Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch. 20 million women in Europe are using Gynefix for contraception. 

Is Gynefix suitable for me?

Gynefix is designed for all different sizes of the uterus. All women are different so their uterus. Copper T spirals might cause heavy bleeding, discomfort, pain during sex or may expel out. 

Gynefix is suitable for all uterus sizes and types and will not expel out from the uterus. You will not feel any pain during sex and will not increase the period as the copper T. 


If you did not give birth before and very young woman or you gave 5 birth and can’t find a suitable birth control method for your self; Gynefix is suitable for you. 


When can I have Gynefix insertion?

If you are not pregnant, any day of your cycle you may have the Gynefix insertion. 


Is the Gynefix insertion painful?

No, it is not painful. All our patients are very comfortable during and after the procedure. 


I had copper T and it fell out. May I have Gynefix insertion?

Even you have a bad experience of the copper t falling out, you will still have able to have Gynefix insertion and use it with success.

When can I start sexual intercourse after Gynefix insertion?

Gynefix contraceptive effect starts immediately after the insertion. 

Gynefix has copper and it stops the sperm movement. Sperms will not swim up to the tubes and will not able to fertilize the egg. 

What is the protection rate of Gynefix?


Gynefix will protect you from pregnancy %99.9. It is effective for 5 years. 


Who cannot have Gynefix insertion?


Women who has pregnancy risk, who has uterine infection, who had depo-provera injection within last 6 months are not eligible for Gynefix insertion. 


When can I have Gynefix after birth?


You may Have Gynefix insertion 3 months after birth. 

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