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G Spot Injection 

The only organs created for joy are the genital organs. A successful procedure would boost the pleasure. On the other hand, a botched surgery can make you suffer for the rest of your life. 

Inner lips are vaginal extensions, or elongations of the vagina to the outside world. It protects the vaginal area from dirt and aids in the retention of vaginal moisture. The inner lips’ shape and texture provide both aesthetic and functional satisfaction.

Your sexual health is directly related to the right surgeries you received. Dr. Ebru Ünal is one of the best doctors who performs labiaplasty with precise attention and successful outcomes.


Is G spot injection a suitable procedure for me?

G spot is the place in the anterior vagina where there are high amount of sensational nerves. During the sexual intercourse, the penile friction to this area results in the orgasm. The area is just around the clitoris’ vaginal portion. G spot injection is done for increasing the size of this sensitive area and increasing the penile friction to be transferred to the nerves and vaginal part of the clitoris. If you feel decreased sexual stimulation during intercourse and would like to have increased sensation and have quicker orgasm, you may prefer G spot injection.


Which products are used for G spot injection?

In our clinic, fillers, lipofill and stem cell materials are used to enhance the size of the G spot and/or increase the cell rejuvenation in the G spot. We perform stem cell injection to the vaginal walls, G spot and the clitoral body during the same session. Stem cells are derived from your own fat tissue. After harvesting fat cells from your belly or inner leg, we decrease the size of the fat into nanocells. Fat cells and mesencyhmal cells in the products are called the stem cells. The mesencymal cells stimulates the nerves rejuvenation, and fat has a filler effect in the area. If you choose to have the filler, please note that we pay paramount attention for the quality of the filler we use. We prefer to use fillers of hyaluronic acid which has a a very low BDDE, or pure hyaluronic acid. You may also ask for lipofill for the G spot injection. Lipofill is a material produced from your own blood. The plasma of your blood is transformed into lipofill by warming it in a special device. Lipofill has a rejuvenating effect and increases the size of the G spot.

How long the procedure takes?

G spot injection is an outpatient procedure. If you prefer to have a filler injection, it takes 10 minutes. After the procedure, you may continue to your daily life. If you prefer to have stem-cell, harvesting & preparation & G spot injection would last in 1 hour. You may need to take pain medication for controlling the pain at the fat harvested area for a couple of days. If you prefer to have lipofill for G spot injection, procedure will last in 30 minutes.

Is there any sexual abstinence after G spot injection?

After G spot injection, you are advised to have sexual abstinence for one week. After stem cell injection, we advise three weeks sexual abstinence.


When does the effect of G spot injection starts?

The effect of the G-spot injection will start in 2 to 6 weeks after the injection.

Alternatif tedaviler mevcut mu?

FemiLift laser or G spot injection may also help you get your best at sexual intercourse.

Riskleri ve yan etkileri nelerdir?

The injection areas may be swollen for a couple of days.

Operasyondan önce

Please do not have sexual intercourse for 3 days before the procedure. If you have vaginal infection or urinary tract infection we need to cancel the operation.

Bu işlem kimler için uygundur?

Women who would like to enhance sexual satisfaction is a good candidate for O shot procedure. O shot is done to boost the sexual sensation. We perform O shot to women who have decreased sensation during sex, who did not have orgasm before, who would like to reach climax quicker, who complain that they have altered vaginal sensation after birth. Women who have sexual desire dysfunction may also get benefit from the O-shot.

Bu işlemi destekleyici başka tedaviler mevcut mu?

You may have FemiLift vaginal laser, labiaplasty, Gynefix insertion, genital bleaching, G spot injection or other cosmetic gynecology procedures at the same session with orgasm shot.

Operasyondan sonra?

There is not any downtime after the orgasm shot. You may resume your sexual intercourse 5 days after O shot.

İşlem sırasında hangi anestezi tipi kullanılıyor?

Local anesthesia cream is applied to the vagina before the O shot procedure.

Sigorta tarafından karşılanıyor mu?

It is not covered by insurance. However we can provide a document listing the procedures you get at our clinic to submit to your insurance company for a payback. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you’ll get a payback.

Sonuçları ne zaman göreceksiniz ve ne kadar süre kalıcı olacak?

It will take some time for the tissue to rejuvenate after the O-Shot. You can see the effects within 3 to 6 weeks. We advise you to have orgasm shot annually.

Operasyon sırasında

Procedure is painless. It is done in clitoris arms. Your blood is taken and then it is processed for O shot in 15 minutes. Then, Dr. Ünal will inject the golden liquid which has high amount of growth factors and tissue stimulating factors in particular places in the vaginal canal and clitoris, which will boost your sensation. The injection takes 10 minutes.

After the O shot, you will not feel any pain. You may continue your daily life right after the procedure. Sexual abstinence for 6 days is recommended.

O-Shot is done for one session. But if you would like to see more effect or you did not get the point you opt for, you may have orgasm shot every 6 weeks for 3 times. We also recommend to have a yearly injection of O shot to keep the effect longer.

Güvenli mi?

O shot is applied by PRP prepared from your blood. It does not cause any allergic reaction or does not have any side effect.

Bu işlemin fiyatı nedir?

Please call or text us on WhatsApp for up to date prices. +90 532 632 40 34

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