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Office Hysteroscopy

The only organs created for joy are the genital organs. A successful procedure would boost the pleasure. On the other hand, a botched surgery can make you suffer for the rest of your life. 

Inner lips are vaginal extensions, or elongations of the vagina to the outside world. It protects the vaginal area from dirt and aids in the retention of vaginal moisture. The inner lips’ shape and texture provide both aesthetic and functional satisfaction.

Your sexual health is directly related to the right surgeries you received. Dr. Ebru Ünal is one of the best doctors who performs labiaplasty with precise attention and successful outcomes.


What is office hysteroscopy?

The procedure called office hysteroscopy is an easy, painless and simple method that enables the detection of pathologies in the female genital organs, namely the vagina, cervix and intrauterine cavity, in the office environment.


Who is Office Hysteroscopy for?

Hysteroscopy is usually performed on women with irregular bleeding. When it comes to irregular bleeding, excessive menstrual bleeding, intermittent bleeding, frequent bleeding are included in this group. In order to evaluate whether there is adhesion in the uterus in people who have had previous surgery or uterine infection, in the evaluation of women with recurrent pregnancy loss, in cases where the intrauterine device, that is, the spiral rope, has broken and needs to be removed, polyp detection, detection of intrauterine thickening and biopsy from the uterus, cervical polyp or cancer detection, detection of congenital uterine deformities or investigation of the cause of infertility.

Is office hysteroscopy painful and when is it done?

Office Hysteroscopy does not require anesthesia. Taking painkillers 2 hours before the intervention make you feel more comfortable during the procedure.

It is important for good image quality to be done within the week your period ends. But women with irregular bleeding can be treated directly. It can also be done with or without a speculum. Non-allergic fluid is used during Office Hysteroscopy. Therefore, it is normal to feel wetness during the procedure. The process usually takes 15 minutes. After the procedure, you may have light spotting and mild cramps in the groin.

What is Surgical Hysteroscopy?


Surgical hysteroscopy is a procedure performed in the operating room to treat the problem inside the uterus. Unlike office hysteroscopy, anesthesia is given. There is no need to stay in the hospital after the procedure.


What is surgical hysteroscopy used for?


It is performed to correct problems in the uterus that were previously diagnosed with office hysteroscopy or uterine film.


Surgical hysteroscopy is performed for the following reasons:

  • Endometrial ablation

  • Uterus correction

  • Correction of the problem known as curtain in the uterus

  • Opening adhesions

  • Polyp removal

  • Fibroid removal

  • Correction of isthmocele.

What should be considered after hysteroscopy?


Hysteroscopy is an easy surgery without any incisions or stitches. Therefore, you can return home immediately after the operation. It is normal to have bleeding in the form of vaginal spotting for a few days after office hysteroscopy. The groin pain may be mild on the first day. There is no problem in having sexual intercourse after 1 week.

Depending on the procedure performed in surgical hysteroscopy, vaginal bleeding may continue for 1 week. We recommend that you rest for 3 days. After surgical hysteroscopy, groin pain may last for 1 week, taking painkillers will help you. You may need to use antibiotics for a week after surgical hysteroscopy.

The time to start sexual intercourse is recommended after 2 weeks or after 1 month, depending on the treatment.

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