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Vaginal Tightening

We offer both surgical (Vaginal Tightening Surgery) and non-invasive (FemiLift Laser and Aptos Threads) solutions for vaginal tightening.

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Vaginoplasty is a delicate surgery to reduce the vaginal canal and vaginal opening. It is applied to increase your vaginal feeling and make it easier for you to have an orgasm. It is an operation that will allow you and your partner to enjoy sexual intercourse more.


As the vaginal muscles tighten, the penis will come into contact with the G point more, which will increase the friction of the penis against the G point. In this way, the clitoral stimulation will increase and it will be possible to reach orgasm more quickly.


A. Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Vaginoplasty is a delicate surgery that is used to make the vaginal canal and its opening smaller. It's done to increase your vaginal sensation and ease your orgasm. It will make you and your partner feel more. As the vaginal muscles get tighter, the penis will touch the G-spot more, which will increase the friction of the penis to the G-spot. This will increase the clitoral stimulation which leads to get faster orgasm.


Vaginal tightening surgery is applied to women

  • who feel laxity at the vagina even if she didn’t give vaginal birth before,

  • who had a normal delivery and have severe vaginal laxity complaints,

  • who have rectocele and cystocele complaints,

  • who have wide vaginal opening due to tears at birth.

With this surgery, we don't just narrow the opening of the vagina; we narrow the vagina all the way to the cervix. If there is a rectocele or a cystocele or both, Dr. Ünal always fix the defect in the fascia that causes it. Torn and separated muscles at the perineum at the entrance to the vagina and the levator muscles in the lower 1/3 of the vagina are always corrected during the vaginoplasty or Aptos threads vaginoplasty. During surgery, Dr. Ünal may inject the fat to the four walls of the vagina. This will help the lubrication of the vaginal mucosa and also decrease the size of the vagina. Surgical tightening of the vaginal and fat injections are done in the operating room and require a one-day stay in the hospital.


She is also treating the women who complains of sexual pain after vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening procedures. Some surgeons may tighten the vaginal entrance so narrow that it causes pain during sex. Dr. Ünal corrects this problem successfully at her clinic. 



B. Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation with FemiLift Laser


The vagina can get bigger when a woman give birth. Even women who have never given birth can sometimes feel vaginal laxity over time. With FemiLift laser, you can get tighter and plumper vagina. 


Here are some signs that your cervix is getting bigger:

  • The sound of air during intercourse,

  • Not being able to enjoy the intercourse,

  • Urinary incontinence,

  • Not being able to feel the penis’ friction during intercourse.

With FemiLift laser, we can help you with problems like postpartum vaginal enlargement, pain during sex after giving birth, decreased sensation of the vagina, vaginal pain, partner dissatisfaction due the vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence.  


FemiLift is a non-surgical solution for women who have trouble getting pleasure because their vagina is too wide, even if they did not give birth.


The FemiLift Robotic Hand-Piece Laser is the most advanced laser technology for the vaginal area. FemiLift laser is a painless procedure, 3 sessions are required to have the best result.  


FemiLift laser,

  • Increases the blood supply in the vaginal tissue,

  • Renews the nerve cells,

  • Increases the collagen in the tissue,

  • Increases the rugae formation,

  • Increases the lubrication of the vagina,

  • Provides pleasure from intercourse and orgasm.

FemiLift vaginal laser is a painless procedure and lasts only 15 minutes. You may continue to your daily life after the procedure. Even after the first FemiLift laser session, both you and your partner will notice the effect. All women having FemiLift laser sessions say that it makes it easier to have an orgasm.



C. Vaginal Tightening With Aptos Threads


Aptos threads are made of polylactic acid and caprolactone. It is resolved in about two years, leaving behind a stronger, more fibrous tissue. Because of its unique property, only Aptos threads are causing this change. Threads work like a stimulant for fibrous tissue and help the vaginal tissue to shrink. Aptos threads are used to make the vagina, perineum, and vaginal opening smaller. They are also used to improve the shape of the labia majora, treat stress urinary incontinence, and fix cystocele and rectocele. Aptos has a special thread for the perineum and the vagina.


If you

  • Feel that your vaginal entrance is loose,

  • Gave birth and had perineal tears and feels the laxity after the birth,

  • Would like to increase tightness of the vagina,

  • Have mild-moderate rectocele and prefer a non-invasive treatment over a surgery,

  • Have stress urinary incontinence or cystocele,

Aptos vaginal narrowing threads are suitable for you. 

Threads are placed under local anesthesia in about 40 minutes. You may need to rest for a couple of days and may continue to sex 2 weeks after the Aptos placement.

What causes vaginal laxity?

Aging and vaginal births causes vagina laxity. Even being pregnant may cause vaginal laxity. 


Which surgery technique is used by Dr. Ünal for vaginoplasty?

Dr. Ünal is fixing all of the anatomical features at the vaginal walls, facias, and muscles that have been altered or botched. During a vaginoplasty, the anterior and posterior vaginal walls are corrected, and the perineal muscles are reorganized. She closes the vaginal opening to a two-finger width. Hence woman will experience pain if the vaginal opening is narrowed by more than two finger sizes. Dr. Ünal is avoiding the overcorrection of the vagina.

Is there anything I can do to speed up my recovery after vaginoplasty?

We give you IV wound healing medication to help your body repair faster. Our very special IV medicine improves tissue oxygenation and boost the healing. It is possible to have it at our clinic next day of surgery and one week later. When planning your vaginoplasty, please request that wound healing  injections to be scheduled at your treatment plan.

Will my urinary incontinence improve as a result of the vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a procedure that restores the vaginal, pelvic floor, bladder, and rectum to their original architecture. Urinary incontinence surgery can be performed at the same time with vaginoplasty surgery. Dr. Ebru Unal performs Kelly application and Aptos thread implantation under the urethra to treat the stress urinary incontinence. If you have urinary incontinence and opt for Aptos threads please notify Dr. Unal during the consultation with her.

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