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Painful Sexual Intercourse Treatment

The only organs created for joy are the genital organs. A successful procedure would boost the pleasure. On the other hand, a botched surgery can make you suffer for the rest of your life. 

Inner lips are vaginal extensions, or elongations of the vagina to the outside world. It protects the vaginal area from dirt and aids in the retention of vaginal moisture. The inner lips’ shape and texture provide both aesthetic and functional satisfaction.

Your sexual health is directly related to the right surgeries you received. Dr. Ebru Ünal is one of the best doctors who performs labiaplasty with precise attention and successful outcomes.


We can now solve the burning problem during intercourse experienced by women with vestibulitis complaints with PRP application. PRP is a magnificent recovery factor store obtained by separating 20 cc of blood we receive from you. After applying this golden liquid to and around the areas of pain, a significant reduction in pain occurs within 3 weeks. It is necessary to repeat the treatment at least 3 sessions.


We mix nanofat stem cells, which we obtain from the fat around the belly for many years or in severe cases, with PRP and apply it to and around the painful area.


After our PRP and nanofat treatments, your pain will pass and your sexuality will now become normal.


After our examination, in some cases, we can renew and stimulate the skin of this region with Femilift Laser. In this way, the new skin formed does not become inflamed and the burning that occurs during intercourse passes. We can also perform PRP application together with Femilift Laser.

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